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Savali Lilo

I am a community youth worker from Sowers Trust. I have a BA degree from University of Auckland in Pacific Studies and Sociology. Studying sociology gave me a better understanding and knowledge of the changes in society, diversity, culture, social organization and human behaviour which has had a huge impact on our young people today. It has helped me work along and help our people in today’s modern society.

I run youth development programs and mentoring sessions in building resilience and confidence. I am very passionate working with our young people because today’s youth are our leaders tomorrow. I believe each young person has a talent and ability to pave a path towards a successful and healthy life. I provide motivation, energy and tenacity that can conquer and overcome their circumstances and situations together as a family. It is about changing young people's lives so that they can fulfil their potential.

I grew up witnessing and experiencing poverty, homelessness, crime, depression, family chaos and violence which has motivated me to help our young people and I know what it takes to overcome these obstacles in life to have positive and successful outcomes. I grew up in a homeless family with my parents being cleaners where I only get to see them in the morning and at night time. However, I still managed to battle through life and be the first ever person in my family to graduate at University of Auckland. I see myself as a role model for our young people through my actions. If I can do it anyone else can.



There are many volunteer opportunities within a number of our programmes.